ECAD Steering Group

The first steering group meeting was held in 2002. It comprised of the HSE Primary Care Unit Manager, a consultant endocrinologist, a HSE administrator for ECAD, a Diabetes Nurse Specialist , a senior community Dietitian, a GP unit doctor, a GP representative, a lecturer in endocrinology at St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH) and a patient representative.

The steering group has expanded and members have changed over the years. Most notably, Prof. Ronan Canavan, consultant endocrinologist, SVUH and St. Columcille's Hospital , succeeded Prof Donal O’ Shea as chair in 2008. Podiatry and psychology disciplines are now also represented on the steering group.

The ECAD Steering Group meets approximately four times per year. It is the main driver of the programme. The group's aim is to direct and guide on the best possible management of diabetes in Community Healthcare East (CHE) taking in to account local situations and resources. It directs and supports education and the development of local guidelines and policies.

Over the years it has secured more community-based Health Care Professionals to support the management of Type 2 diabetes in the community. It also develops resources and guides and delivers on-going diabetes education.