Purpose of Appeals Service: You and Your Health Service

Many decisions take place on a daily basis within the HSE and often these decisions can have a wide-ranging effect on the lives of individuals.  Typically in any area where adjudication on rights and entitlements takes place, there will always be applicants who are dissatisfied with decisions that adversely affect them.

The purpose of the Appeals Service is to provide an internal, independent and impartial review of decisions taken by personnel of the HSE relating to applications by members of the public for specified services and entitlements, where applicants are dissatisfied with the outcome of their application.

The function of the Appeals Service is to demonstrably and transparently, provide fair and equitable treatment of all members of the general public who wish to have decisions made by HSE personnel reviewed.

Brief Outline of Services Currently Provided

The Appeals Service provides a facility for an independent review of decisions on applications for the HSE schemes and services.  It supports the appellants’ rights to privacy, impartiality, respect, and sensitivity in the manner in which appeals are processed, having due regard to appellants’ age, ability to communicate, mobility, and capacity to understand complex legislation, regulations and procedures.

Schemes for which appeals can be made to the Appeals Officers in the Health Services Executive:

Health Services Executive Services

  • Long Stay Hospital Charges (Long Stay Facilities and Nursing Homes)
  • Health Amendment Card for persons suffering from Hepatitis C
  • Long Term Illness Scheme.
  • Medical Appliances and Aids.
  • Medical Cards
  • Hardship Medicines Scheme.
  • Medical Appliances and Aids.
  • GP Visit Card
  • Home Help Services.
  • Home Support Services.
  • Home Care Grants
  • Supplementary Blind Welfare Allowance
  • Motorised Transport Grant
  • Mobility Allowance
  • Patient Transport applications
  • Acute Hospital Charges
  • Nursing Home Subventions
  • Nursing Home Support Scheme

In addition to processing the abovementioned appeals, the Appeals Service has a number of other roles briefly as follows:

  • To demonstrably and transparently provide fair and equitable treatment to all persons who wish to have a decision reviewed.
  • To identify and highlight policy issues arising in relation to the administration of schemes and services e.g. poor procedures, policies that operate harshly or unfairly and to report same to senior management.
  • To provide feedback and advice to those responsible for policy formation in the HSE.
  • To promote the Service to maximize public awareness and to strengthen the HSE’s customer service strategy.