Consultants Application Portal

The Consultant Applications Portal (CAP) Module was rolled out nationally in June 2018 following a successful pilot period in Quarter 1 2018. The CAP Module is used to apply for new Consultant posts, replacement Consultant posts and for the restructuring of existing Consultant posts. The purpose of the CAP Module is to expedite the process of consultant post approval and to allow visibility and transparency for stakeholders throughout the process.

The Portal facilitates users to complete, verify, submit and track consultant application forms from the initiation stage to approval online. The introduction of this Module has helped to minimize errors and improve traceability of forms as well as providing a centralized paperless system for all users to access.

At present, the main steps involved in the CAP process are as follows:

1. Application initiated by site

2. When the site has completed the application they submit to the respective Health Region for approval

3. When the application is in order the respective Health Region submit the application to NDTP

4. If changes or further information is required NDTP return to the respective Health Region for screening amendments

5. When the application is finalised it can be submitted to CAAC

6. Following the CAAC meeting, the CAAC's recommendation is submitted to the Chief People Officer for final consideration. Formal regulation of the post is dependent on the Letter of Approval issuing.

Since the introduction of CAP, the application process for Consultant posts has become more streamlined and simplified; it has reduced paper work and human error, is providing greater transparency for applications from initiation to approval stage.

Training is available for all users. The training schedule can be found here. Alternately, please don’t hesitate to contact the Consultants Division directly and we will be happy to organise a bespoke training session.

The CAP user guide can be found here