Consultant Applications Advisory Committee (CAAC)

From January 2017 all posts approved at the CAAC will be listed centrally on the HSE’s website. This is in line with the recommendations in the Consultant Recruitment and Retention report. It is hoped it will be a useful resource for those interested in applying to work as a consultant in Ireland.  

Information on approved posts can be accessed below:

Current consultant posts approved:

Consultant Posts Approved 2021

Helpful Information on Consultant Recruitment

In February 2017, the Lead NCHD programme held the inaugural Navigate – Your Guide to Consultant Recruitment event. This well attended information evening was designed to provide guidance to Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) who will be applying for Consultant posts in the Irish health service over the next few years.

The event was organised by the Lead NCHD Programme supported by HSE’s National HR Division, including National Doctor Training & Planning (NDTP) and Leadership, Education and Talent Development, and the SAOLTA Hospital Group. Content generated on the evening will be used to facilitate the development of an online induction resource for newly appointed Consultants.