User Guides

The DIME Team in HSE NDTP have developed a few User Guides to assist NCHDs, Medical HR / Manpower, and Occupational Health departments, as well as the Post Graduate Training Bodies when interacting with both the NER (National Employment Record Portal) & DIME ( Doctors Integrated Management E-System) systems. We hope that you find these document useful and should you have any further queries please contact us at 

NCHD User Guides

NER User Guide The Portal Quick Step User Guide explains the steps required to allow NCHDs register an National Employment Record (NER) account. It is also available from individual clinical sites or directly from the DIME Team - A link to access to the NER Portal is available here.
CCERS User Guide  The Clinical Course Exam Refund Scheme User Guide explains the steps required to making a CCERS Application via the NER Portal
TSS User Guide    The Training Supports Scheme User Guide explains the steps required to making a Training Supports Application via the NER Portal
E-Portfolio User Guide

The E-Portfolio will allow NCHDs to record their experience under a number of headings and will enable them to generate a Logbook. The E-Portfolio User Guide explains the steps required in managing your E-Portfolio via the NER Portal.

Consultant User Guides

E-Portfolio User Guide for Consultants

The E-Portfolio User Guide for Consultants was developed for Supervising Clinicians/Consultants and explains how to manage this process when NCHDs seek verification of relevant records from a Supervising Clinician/Consultant, once this activity has occurred within the last six month period.

Medical HR User Guides

NCHD Post Matching User Guide 

The Clinical Site User Manual for Post Management has been developed to guide staff in Medical Manpower Units at individual sites nationally, through the steps required, to ensure that all NCHDs are recorded on the database.

NER User Guide

The Medical HR NER User Guide explains how Medical HR Departments can interact with NER. Medical HR can contact NDTP directly if further assistance is required or use the ‘iHelp’ option available on the system.
Consultant Post Matching User Guide The User Guide for the Consultant Module sets out how Medical HR Departments will use the system to assign consultants to posts on their site and the details the reports available. 
CAP User Guide The CAP User Guide has been developed to facilitate users to
complete, verify, submit and track the consultant application form from initiation to approval online.  CAP will be used to apply for new
posts, replacement posts and for the restructuring of existing posts.
CCERS User Guide

The User Guide for the CCERS Module sets out how Medical HR Departments will use the system to process CCERS Applications submitted by NCHDs.

TSS User Guide

The User Guide for the Training Supports Module sets out how Medical HR Departments will use the system to process Training Supports Applications submitted by NCHDs.

 Occupational Health User Guide

Occupational Health User Guide

The Occupational Heath User Manual has been developed to assist Occupational Health Departments to manage occupational health documentation submitted by NCHDs.

Training Body User Guide

Training Body User Guide

The Guide For Training Body Users outlines how to assign training attributes to Medical Practitioners and highlights the reports available to Training Body Users on the DIME system. 

Data Requests

This Data Requests document outlines the Variances between DIME and Health Services Personnel Census Data