User Guides

NDTP DIME can be contacted at DD: Orla Smith (07669-59917) and Stephen O' Donnell (07669-59913)

NCHD User Guides

The Portal Quick Step User Guide explains the steps required to allow NCHDs register and create an NER portal account. It is also available from individual clinical sites or directly from NDTP. NCHD's can contact their Medical HR Department for further guidance/assistance on NER or use the ‘iHelp’ option available on the system. The NER portal is available here.

NDTP have also developed a FAQ Document for Portal Users to assist with any queries that might arise. 

The Training Supports Scheme User Guide explains the steps required to making a Training Supports Application via the NER Portal

The Personal Information & Documentation on DIME-NER document outlines the data that is stored in the NER and the purpose(s) for requesting this information.

Please see the Memo for the attention of all NCHDs which provides the background to NER

Medical HR User Guides

1. NCHD Post Matching Module

The Clinical Site User Manual for Post Management has been developed to guide staff in Medical Manpower Units at individual sites nationally, through the steps required, to ensure that all NCHDs are recorded on the database.

2. NER Module

The Medical HR NER User Guide explains how Medical HR Departments can interact with NER. Medical HR can contact NDTP directly if further assistance is required or use the ‘iHelp’ option available on the system.

NDTP have also developed an NER FAQ document for employers to assist with any queries which may arise.

3. Consultant Post Matching Module

The User Guide for the Consultant Module sets out how Medical HR Departments will use the system to assign consultants to posts on their site and the details the reports available. 

4. Training Supports Module

The User Guides for the Training Supports Module sets out how Medical HR Departments will use the system to process Training Supports Applications submitted by NCHDs.

Occupational Health User Guide

The Occupational Heath User Manual has been developed to assist Occupational Health Departments to manage occupational health documentation submitted by NCHDs.

Training Body User Guides

The Guide For Training Body Users outlines how to assign training attributes to Medical Practitioners and highlights the reports available to Training Body Users on the DIME system. 

The CAP User Guide

The CAP User Guide outlines how to apply for new and replacement Consultant posts and how to restructure existing Consultant posts.