DIME & NER Updates

NCHD E-Portfolio Now Available for NCHDs 

In line with NDTP’s commitment to support NCHDs we are pleased to announce a new E-Portfolio module on your NER portal.  

This module launched on Thursday the 16th of September 2021.

NCHD E-Portfolio Poster 16th Sept 21

We have also created user guides for both Consultants and NHCDs on our website.  If you have any specific queries there is a dedicated team available Monday to Friday.  They can be contacted at dime.team@hse.ie

TSS Rollover: Training Year 2021/ 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on NCHDs ability to utilise their TSS balance during this training year, due to the additional service demands and cancelled or rescheduled courses / conferences / exams. To address this issue, the rollover of remaining TSS balances from the current training year (July 2020 - July 2021) into the following training year (July 2021 - July 2022) will take place, provided NCHDs are still eligible for TSS. For any queries please contact doctors@hse.ie

Coming Soon: NER AppNER App Logo

The DIME Team is in the process of developing an NER APP which will be an extension of the current NER web based portal. The APP will aim to enhance the current user experience by providing NCHDs with a more efficient and mobile device friendly means of accessing and updating their NER Account. Launch date to be confirmed in 2021.

Suggestions Register

The DIME Team maintains a Suggestions Register which is essentially feedback received from end service users on how to improve the DIME and NER systems. The Suggestions Register is reviewed on an annual basis in an aim to continue to enhance current system functionality for all DIME and NER users. The DIME Team continue to welcome additional feedback from end service users throughout the year by completing the Suggestions Register CR Form . Please note that anything submitted after 31st March will not be considered for inclusion in DIME or NER until 2022.

Clinical Course & Exam Refund Scheme Module

The new Clinical Course and Exam Refund Scheme module is live on NER and DIME from 30th November 2020. All applications for funding by NCHDs via this scheme should be made via their NER from this date. Medical Manpower will then process applications via DIME.

Training Supports Scheme Module

The Training Support Scheme (TSS) Module was launched on Monday 8th of July 2019. This enables NCHDs to apply for reimbursement for eligible educational activities they have attended e.g. courses / conferences / exams via their NER Portal. Medical Manpower Departments can also manage the administration of this scheme through DIME.

For further information regarding both TSS and CCERS please see the policy documents which can be located here. User guides for both modules can be found on our website here

DIME and NER Portal Links

DIME System  https://ndtp-dime.hse.ie/default.aspx
NCHD NER Portal  https://nchder.ie

If any system issues are detected, please contact the DIME Team at dime.team@hse.ie as soon as possible and we will work to resolve same in a timely manner.

For any TSS / CCERS related queries, please contact doctors@hse.ie

For any Consultant  / CAP related queries please contact consultant.applications@hse.ie

The DIME & NCHD NER User Guides can be accessed here should you require same  DIME & NCHD NER User Guides