Lead NCHD Awards

Awards will be presented to the winning Lead NCHD QI Project at the final Lead NCHD event in Summer 2024. Further details to come.

You can find the complete details of submissions for previous Lead NCHD Awards here:

Lead NCHD Awards 2017

Lead NCHD Awards 2017

NDTP hosted the second Lead NCHD Awards ceremony at the September 2017 Lead NCHD Workshop. Award categories included: enhanced communication between NCHDs and other colleagues; local NCHD education/training; policy/process development; quality improvement initiatives and patient centred initiatives. 

First prize was awarded to Dr Mortimer O’Connor for his initiative on ‘Work Life, Wellbeing and Efficiency: Valuing Voices Programme – improving quality through staff engagement’ in the Mercy Hospital, Cork during his tenure as lead NCHD.

Second prize was presented to Dr Louise Hendrick for a collaborative quality improvement project on Medication Safety Good Catches at the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin, which looked at improving the reporting of medication errors and adverse drug reactions.

Third prize was awarded to Dr Anna McHugh who led a project called ‘Beating Burn Out: being kind – Occasional Acts of Kindness, while based in Letterkenny General Hospital. This initiative demonstrated the effectiveness of low key interventions promoting staff engagement and wellbeing, such as lunch time meet-and-greet sessions.

The competition judges were Dr Crowley, Dr McCarthy and Prof Eilis McGovern, Director of the HSE’s National Doctor Training and Planning (NDTP) function. Speaking about the Awards Professor McGovern said: “The Lead NCHD Awards demonstrate the potential of Lead NCHDs and NCHDs in general to contribute to quality improvement within our health system which will ultimately benefit our patients. We, in NDTP, are striving to promote and support clinician leadership amongst NCHDs and are delighted with the success of the Lead NCHD Initiative and look forward to its continued development. Congratulations to all.”

Photo 7 Lead Workshop September 2017

Pictured above, Rosarii Mannion (National Director HR, HSE), Dr Louise Hendrick, Dr Anna McHugh, Dr Mortimer O’Connor and Dr Philip Crowley (National Director Quality Improvement Division, HSE)


In addition to the awards the first workshop for the 2017/18 Lead cohort covered an introduction the clinical director programme, the Lead NCHD programme, coaching and influencing and negotiation skills. A café workshop was also held covering on leadership, disruptive innovation, quality improvement, engagement, microsystems and health IT.

Photo 8 Lead NCHD Group Shot Sept 2017

Lead NCHDs with Dr Philip Crowley, Rosarii Mannion, Juanita Guidera (Lead for Staff engagement, QID), Dr Julie McCarthy (Clinical Director Programme Lead), Lisa Toland (Lead for Microsystems, QID)

Photo 3 Lead Workshop Sept 2017  Photo 4 Lead NCHD Workshop Sept 2017

Left: Dr Matt Mullins, Dr Dani McCollum, Dr Bryony Treston  - Right: Dr Deniz Demirdal, Dr Josh De Marci

Photo 5 Lead NCHD Workshop Sept 2017   Photo 6 Lead NCHD Workshop Sept 2017

Left: Dr David Vaughan, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Children’s Hospitals Group discussing quality improvement.  Right: Dr Julie McCarthy, National Clinical Lead for the HSE Clinical Director Programme discussing disruptive innovation