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6.1 Essential Templates – Working with Service Users, Families, Citizens, Communities and Staff 

Template 6.1.1: Influence-Interest Mapping Grid
Template 6.1.2: Guidance on Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
Template 6.1.3: Guidance to Develop Engagement and Communication Plan

6.2 Essential Templates – Define

Template 6.2.1: SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats/Challenges)
Template 6.2.2: Context for Change – Why What How Method
Template 6.2.3: Description of the Current Situation (Service Operational Model) See 6.3 below.
Template 6.2.4: Guidance on Defining your Personal Values
Template 6.2.5: Cultural Web Exercise
Template 6.2.6: Personal Readiness for Change
Template 6.2.7: Team Diagnostic
Template 6.2.8: People and Culture Change Platform – Readiness Factors
Template 6.2.9: Developing a Vision for the Future
Template 6.2.10: Clarifying Measures
Template 6.2.11: Project Initiation Document (PID)

6.3 Essential Templates – Design

We are offering the templates you need to design your service as individual templates and also as a full set (6.2.3, 6.3.2, 6.3.3, 6.3.4). This allows you to transfer text between templates. Service Design - Full set of templates

Template 6.3.1: Service Design – Option Generation and Appraisal
Template 6.3.2: Detailed Design of the Service Operational Model 
Template 6.3.3: Service Design – Gap and Impact Analysis
Template 6.3.4: Action Plan

6.4 Essential Templates – Deliver

Template 6.4.1: Factors to Monitor During Implementation
Template 6.4.2: Personal Checklist for Change
Template 6.4.3: Working with Emotional Reactions to Change
Template 6.4.4: People Indicators to Support Behaviour Change

Additional Templates

Communication style
Competencies for Change Practitioners
Creating Public Value
Due Diligence
Enablers of Co-Design in Organisations and Services
Finding the Reason Behind the Resistance Framing Questions
Force Field Analysis
General Principles and Checklist for Decommissioning
How to Become a Game Changing Leader
Kübler Ross Change Curve
Organisation Development Approach
Person Centred Principles and Person Centred Practice Framework
Principles of Service Design Thinking
Public Narratives Ethical Framing and Storytelling
Scaling Up Innovations Evidence of What Works
Team Establishment and Development Checklist
Understanding Core Human Needs
Winning Hearts and Minds in the 21st Century Influence Model

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