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How to Provide Feedback

Due to the impact of COVID-19/coronavirus on HSE resources you may experience a delay from the service in responding to your correspondence. Every effort will be made to respond to you within the timeframes outlined in HSE policy. Your patience is appreciated at this time.

If you are waiting longer than 3 days for your COVID-19 test result please contact the HSE’s search service. You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours.

Please choose one of the following options:
- Call HSELive 1850 24 1850 - Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.
- Call your GP who can submit a query on your behalf

The local service will assist Service Users if they wish to provide feedback, such as a complaint, compliment or comment. Staff dealing with feedback will implement the process in a way that accommodates the Service User. Service user requirements, such as access or communication preferences should be confirmed at the start of the complaints management process.

ysys2017posterHow to Provide Feedback

Service users, who wish to provide feedback (comment, compliment or complaint) about any aspect of our service, should:

  • Tell a staff member. All staff are encouraged to accept feedback – no wrong door approach.
  • Ask a member of staff for details of where to send a letter which sets out your experience of our services.
  • Email your feedback to yoursay@hse.ie
  • Complete a Feedback Form and leave it in the identified areas provided by the local service you are using or visiting.  You may also give it to a member of staff or ask a staff member for an address.
  • Download the feedback leaflet (available in 9 languages)
  • You can use the website feedback facility at the following address:  https://www2.hse.ie/services/forms/your-service-your-say/
  • Telephone us on:
    • YOURSAY Team: 1890 424 555Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm.  If telephoning from a mobile please contact: 045 880400, to avoid additional charges.
    • HSE Live Team: 1850 241 850
      • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm,
      • Saturday :10am – 5pm 

Assistance if and when required to provide feedback is by:

  • Providing appropriate and accessible facilities within each service to meet Service User needs.
  • Supporting a No Wrong Door approach so that wherever feedback is raised, it is the system and not the Service User that is responsible for routing it to the appropriate place to get it resolved.
  • Supporting and signposting with posters and leaflets, etc., within each service so Service Users and their families know how to get support if they want to raise a concern or issue.
  • Assisting with completing a feedback form and/or making a comment, compliment or complaint.
  • Supporting Service Users who may have poor literacy and/or language skills and providing assistance and support where required to enable the effective recording of their feedback.

 Information on Support Services         

In line with the Disabilities Act 2005 the HSE is obliged to ensure that its buildings, services, the information it provides, and how it communicates with Service Users, are all accessible to people with disabilities. Staff will support Service Users who require assistance and will communicate as needed through a variety of communication aids, tools and services.

Service users can request assistance where required in relation to the following from their local service area:

  • Interpretive Services
  • Advocacy  Services
  • Patient Liaison Officers
  • Patient Liaison Volunteers

Support from Staff

The HSE is committed to ensuring that Service Users are supported throughout the feedback process. This support is available at every stage of the Service User’s interaction with the HSE during the course of dealing with a comment, compliment or complaint. This is especially true during the investigative process of complaints handling.

First and foremost if a Service User has a health problem or concern the Service User should talk directly with their clinician, nurse, or relevant healthcare provider. They are the best people to explain a medical condition, treatment or clinical procedure. However, if the Service User has other concerns they should inform any member of staff who will assist.

There are a number of ways in which the Service User can provide feedback. (Link to How to Provide Feedback, Making a Complaint)

A Service User may need an advocate if they require some additional assistance and support, or if they do not wish to deal with the individual(s) or service directly involved in their complaint.

Further information and guidance is available at: http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/yourhealthservice/feedback/services/

All Complainants have a right to appoint an advocate to assist them in making their complaint and to support them in any subsequent processes in the management of that complaint. Any form of advocacy used must be agreeable to both the Complainant and the HSE. An employee or a trusted person may also be an advocate for a Service User wishing to make a complaint where it is possible to do so within the principles of advocacy.

  • Advocacy services may be offered by the HSE to disadvantaged or disempowered Service Users who wish to make a complaint and who otherwise would find it difficult or impossible to make such a complaint themselves or to source advocacy services themselves.
  • The Citizen Information Board (2005) (previously Comhairle) defines advocacy as a means of empowering people by supporting them to assert their views and claim their entitlements and where necessary, representing and negotiating on their behalf.
  • A staff member or a trusted person may also be an advocate for Service Users wishing to make a complaint if it is possible to do so within the principles of advocacy as listed below.
  • The Citizen Information Board (2005) outlines the principles of advocacy as:
    • Empowerment of the person where possible
    • Respect for the person and his/her wishes
    • Acting in the person’s best interest
    • Acting independently
    • Maintaining confidentiality
    • Acting with diligence and competence
  • Before deciding to advocate on behalf of a Complainant, staff must ensure that they are in a position to advocate impartially and fairly.
  • Staff acting as advocates should have no previous involvement in the actions complained of, or in the examination/investigation of the complaint.
  • Staff should not feel compelled to act as an advocate where they do not feel competent or supported to do so and must ensure that they direct the Service User to appropriate advocacy supports.
  • Any form of advocacy used must be agreeable to both the Complainant and the HSE.

List of Advocacy Services

(Also available as a word document)

Irish Patients’ Association Providing Independent Patient Advocacy since 1995
24 Church Road, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin
Web: http://www.irishpatients.ie  Phone: 01 272 2555 Phone: (emergency) 087 659 4183 Email: info@irishpatients.ie  

Irish Advocacy Network Peer advocacy services for people who have experienced mental health difficulties
c/o The Health Care Unit, Rooskey, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan
Phone: 047 38918 Email: admin@irishadvocacynetwork.com

Cairde Community development organisation, working to tackle inequalities among ethnic minority communities
19 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1
Web: http://www.cairde.ie Phone: 01 855 2111

EPIC An independent association that works throughout the Republic of Ireland with and for children and young people who are currently or who have experienced living in community care settings
7 Red Cow Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7
Web: http://www.epiconline.ie Phone: 01 872 7661

Dental Complaints Resolution Service The Dental Complaints Resolution Service aims to assist dental patients and participating dentists resolve complaints about dental services. The service is an independent dental complaints service provided by the Irish Dental Association.
Web: http://www.dentalcomplaints.ie Phone: 094 902 5105

Patient Focus Independent Patient Advocacy Group
Sky Business Centre, Plato Business Park, Damastown, Dublin 15
Web: http://www.patientfocus.ie Phone: 01 885 1611 support@patientfocus.ie

Pavee Point Non governmental organisation committed to the promotion and realisation of Travellers Human Rights
46 North Great Charles St., Dublin 1
Web: http://www.paveepoint.ie Phone: 01 878 0255 Email: info@paveepoint.ie

National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities The National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities provides an independent, confidential and free, representative advocacy service. The service is funded and supported by the Citizens Information Board.
Hainault House, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Web: http://www.citizensinformationboard.ie/services/advocacy_services/ Phone: 0761 07 3000 Email: info@advocacy.ie

Sage Advocacy – Support and Advocacy Service for Older People - provides information and advice on how to access independent support and advocacy services. Their mission is to promote the rights, freedoms and dignity of older people by developing support and advocacy services wherever ageing poses a challenge for individuals.
24-26 Ormond Quay, Dublin 7 Phone: (01) 5367330
Email: info@sageadvocacy.ie Web:  www.sageadvocacy.ie

Inclusion Ireland Inclusion Ireland is a national organisation advocating for the rights of people with an intellectual disability. It provides an independent advocacy service to people with an intellectual disability and their families. 
Unit C2, The Steelworks, Foley St, Dublin 1
Web: http://www.inclusionireland.ie Phone: 01 855 9891 Email: info@inclusionireland.ie

Also visit: http://www.healthcomplaints.ie  
Healthcomplaints.ie provides information to Service Users on how to make a complaint or give feedback about health and social care services in Ireland. This website has been developed for people who use health and social care services in Ireland, as well as for their families, care-givers and advocates. Healthcomplaints.ie directs Service Users to find the right place to give their feedback.