Enabling Feedback - How to Make a Complaint

All staff are empowered to receive complaints and to view them in a positive way; as a means of improving relationships and opportunities for learning to contribute to safer, better healthcare services.  Continuous education and training for all staff will support the development of skills in the management of complaints and the process to be followed to resolve these at the most efficient level. 

Each service should provide an induction module for all new staff on the complaints management process and its underlying statutory framework.

However, service areas also have specialist Complaints Officers who receive extensive training on the management of complaints and have responsibility for managing those complaints not resolved at point of contact.

For further information on training, see Supporting Staff

An organisation of any sort, public or private, that cannot receive a complaint with heartfelt thanks, a deep appreciation, will never succeed in the long term. "Review of Putting Things Right, NHS Wales, 2014"

What do I need to include in my complaint?

In order to enable Service Users to provide feedback they should be encouraged to provide as much information as possible in relation to their experience.   This might include:

  • Who was involved?
  • What happened and when?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What is the Service User concerned about?
  • Any other steps taken to resolve the matter?
  • What would the Service User like to happen?
  • It would also assist staff if the Service User could supply any other additional information they may have.