Who can Provide Feedback?

Anyone can provide feedback in relation to comments or compliments, and in accordance with Section 46, Part 9 of the Health Act 2004 the following may make a complaint:

  • Any person who is being or was provided with a health or personal social service by the HSE or service provider,
  • Any person who is seeking or has sought provision of such service.

The complaint can be about any action of the HSE or service provider that: (a) it is claimed does not accord with fair and sound administrative practice, and (b) adversely affects or affected that person.

If a person is entitled to make a complaint but is unable to do so because of age, illness or disability, the complaint may be made on that person’s behalf by;

  • A close relative or carer of the person,
  • Any person who, by law or by appointment of a court, has the care of the affairs of that person,
  • Any legal representative of the person,
  • Any other person with the consent of the person, or
  • Any other person who is appointed as prescribed in the regulations.

If a person who would otherwise have been entitled to make a complaint is deceased, a complaint may be made by a person who, at the time of the action in relation to which the complaint is made, was a close relative, or carer of that person. A close relative is defined in Section 45 of the Health Act, 2004 as being a parent, guardian, son, daughter, spouse or someone who is cohabiting with the person on whose behalf the complaint is being made.