Reports generated from the CMS

Reports generated by the Complaints Management System

The lifecycle of the complaint recorded on the CMS will enable, depending on requirements, a Complaint Officer, a Review Officer, a Complaint Manager or other designated staff member to generate reports on the following:

  • The total number of complaints on-hand locally, regionally and nationally.
  • The total number of complaints pending at end of each month locally, regionally and nationally.
  • The total number of complaints received in a given month
  • The types of the complaints received (broken down into 243 categories
  • Complaints and Reviews that result in a recommendation.
  • Recommendations implemented
  • Complaints excluded under Part 9 of the Health Act 2004
  • Complaints dealt with informally at Stage 2
  • Reviews resolved informally at stage 3
  • Complaints withdrawn at stage 2 or 3
  • Complaints dealt with within 30 working days at Stage 2
  • Complaints that took longer than 30 days to deal with at Stage 2
  • Reviews that were dealt with within 20 working days at Stage 3
  • Reviews that took longer than 20 working days at Stage 3
  • Complaints resolved through mediation
  • Comments/suggestions (2018)
  • Positive feedback (2018)

Specialist Reports

The CMS also supports the creation of specialist reports, for example, comparisons of peer services such as:

  • complaints per 100 bed days in EDs across tier one hospitals
  • complaints per 100 bed days in AMUs across tier one hospitals
  • complaints per 100 births in Maternity Hospitals
  • complaints per LIUs adjusted for demographics
  • complaints per 100 admissions in residential services
  • complaints per Primary Care Teams adjusted for demographics

Reports from Service Providers: Section 38s (excluding Voluntary Hospitals), and Section 39s

  1. Complaints Officers will submit complaints data reports to the Consumer Affairs Area Officer for their respective area four times a year using the relevant templates. (Link)
  2. Consumer Affairs Area Officers forward these completed templates to the Area Manager for Consumer Affairs
  3. The Area Manager for Consumer Affairs will return the template to NCGLT.
  4. NCGLT will report on complaints data from Section 38s/39s, quarterly.

Reporting on Performance Indicators

Mandatory Reporting on Performance Indicators (PIs)

At present, the PI collected and collated relates specifically to Stage 2 – HSE Formal Investigation Process, whereby a complaint must be fully completed within 30 working days. This data is collected automatically through the Complaints Management System (CMS) and is also available at local level through the CMS Reporting function.

The current target against which this PI is measured is 75%.

This PI is a measure of how effectively the feedback system is being implemented in each area and is subject to on-going review; additional PIs will be introduced in the future.

The PI is reported quarterly to the Planning and Business Information Unit (PBI) and is published in the HSE’s Performance Reports, for inclusion in HSE Annual Reports.