Children First Training


'An Introduction to Children First' - Mandatory Training

The 'An Introduction to Children First' e-learning programme is mandatory for all HSE staff (permanent, temporary, agency, locum or visiting), students and volunteers, irrespective of role or grade.

This Children First e-learning programme is also mandatory for staff of HSE Funded Agencies.

Staff of HSE Contracted Services are also strongly urged to complete this training.

Click on the appropriate link to access the online Children First training:

HSE Staff
HSE Funded Agencies
HSE Contracted Services

Please note: When you have successfully completed the module and passed the assessment you will receive a certificate of completion which you should forward to your line manager. Your certificate will be valid for three years. The module needs to be completed again after your certificate expires.

Staff with Computer / Internet Access, Computer Literacy or General Literacy Difficulties

The e-learning programme should, in the majority of cases, be completed online. However, in recognition that a small number of staff have access issues to completing the programme online the HSE Children First National Office has converted the e-Learning programme so that it can be facilitated in a classroom setting. Read more information

Reasonable Grounds for Concern

The following module provides further guidance on what constitutes Reasonable Grounds for Concern  (6 minutes):

Reasonable Grounds for Concern Training Image

HSE Children First National Office Training and Resource Strategy

The HSE Children First National Office is currently developing a Training and Resource Strategy for future training and resource developments to suit HSE and HSE funded services. The Strategy will set out the training and resource initiatives that the HSE Children First National Office will aim to develop and implement between 2020-2023.