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Cancer in Ireland

Cancer, its prevention, diagnosis and treatment are a major challenge for our society.  Each year approximately 43,000 people in Ireland develop cancer each year (NCRI, 2022). Cancer is the leading cause of death in Ireland (CSO, 2020), accounting for approximately one third of deaths in Ireland. Over 9,000 deaths from cancer are reported every year.  The National Cancer Registry provides comprehensive statistics and reports on cancer in Ireland.

The National Cancer Control Programme

The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) was established in 2007.  A Directorate within the Health Service Executive (HSE), the NCCP works with health service providers and other partners to prevent cancer, treat cancer, and increase survival and quality of life for those who develop cancer, by converting the knowledge gained through research, surveillance and outcome evaluation into strategies and actions.  In particular, the NCCP is responsible for the implementation of the majority of the recommendations of the National Cancer Strategies.

The National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026, which was the third national strategy for cancer, sets out government policy for the development of cancer services in Ireland.  The NCCP works very closely with the Cancer Policy Unit in the Department of Health, with other parts of the HSE and with a range of voluntary and charitable organisations to develop cancer services in line with the National Cancer Strategy.

It is estimated that one in two people in Ireland will develop cancer in their lifetime.  A focus on cancer prevention is therefore vital.    The characteristics of good cancer care are well known. It is important to follow evidence-based guidelines covering the whole patient journey from early detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, quality of life and end of life care. It is critical to have a range of health professionals working together in teams to plan and deliver care for cancer patients. These are the goals of the NCCP.

Each year, the NCCP allocates over €100 million to cancer services nationally, in addition to the funding that these services receive directly from other parts of the HSE for other service aspects which support cancer services such as radiology, pathology, theatres, ICU/HDU, inpatient beds etc. In 2021 and again in 2022, an additional €20m was provided each year for new service developments.

More information on the NCCP's governance and structure

National Cancer Strategies and Reports

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