NCCP Consultations

From time to time, the NCCP conducts consultations as a method of seeking views on our work.  We believe that public consultation provides an important means by which we can enhance our work through the active involvement and contribution from stakeholders working in cancer care, patients and members of the public. All consultation responses are read and considered by the NCCP staff.

    Open Consultations

    NCCP Guidance on the Built Environment of a Haematology/Oncology Day Ward

    The 2014 National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) Medication safety review recommended that national guidance be developed on the optimum built environment of a haematology/oncology day ward.  A guidance document has been developed which will be relevant to frontline staff in medical oncology and haemato-oncology day units, infection prevention and control services, clinical directors, service managers, estates/technical services departments and risk management personnel.

    The NCCP is seeking your feedback on this draft document NCCP Guidance on the Built Environment of a Haematology/Oncology Day Ward as part of a formal consultation process.

    Please document any feedback, suggested changes or comments in the consultation feedback form ensuring that the section and page number your comment refers to is clearly indicated. If you would like to suggest any changes, full references of the evidence must be provided. We cannot consider any changes unless supporting evidence is included.

    The Declaration of Interest form must be signed and returned with your consultation feedback form in order for your feedback to be considered by the working group. 

    All feedback should be sent to Inez Wash at by 25th March 2019.

    Closed Consultations

    August 2018

    • Radiation Oncology – Clinical Practice Guidance

    June 2018

    • GP Referral Guideline and Pathway for Suspected Colorectal Cancer
    • National Quality Assurance Framework for Radiation Oncology in Ireland

    April 2018

    •  NCCP National Guideline on the 'Diagnosis and staging of patients with ovarian cancer'

    January 2018

    • NCCP National Guideline on the 'Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with oesophageal or oesophago-gastric cancer'

    June 2017

    • Extravasation Assessment and Care Record and Baseline Nursing Assessment and Education Record - final documents available here

    March 2017

    • NCCP Capacity Planning for Parenteral Systemic AntiCancer Therapy (Pharmacy) - final documents available here 

    November 2016

    • Guidance on the retention and disposal of systemic anticancer therapy (SACT) prescriptions and compounding worksheets - final document available here

    April 2016

    • Dose Banding for Systemic Anticancer Therapy (SACT) - final documents available here