National Clinical Guideline - Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with Lung Cancer

The NCCP has published a National evidence-based Clinical Guideline on Lung Cancer.

The guideline is available to download in PDF format HERE.

A summary of the guideline is available to download in PDF format HERE.

Evidence-based guidelines:

  • Aim to improve the quality of clinical care,
  • Aim to prevent variation in practice,
  • Aim to address areas of clinical care with new and emerging evidence,
  • They are based on the best research evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise,
  • They are developed using a clear evidence-based internationally used methodology.

A Guideline Development Group was responsible for the development of this National Clinical Guideline and included representatives from relevant professional groups. The guideline focuses on the diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with lung cancer. It does not include recommendations covering every aspect of diagnosis, staging and treatment. Instead this guideline focuses on areas of clinical practice:

  • known to be controversial or uncertain,
  • where there is identifiable variation in practice,
  • where there is new or emerging evidence,
  • where guidelines have potential to have the most impact.

This evidence-based clinical guideline will ensure standardised multidisciplinary care for patients, putting evidence into practice to improve patient outcomes.

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last updated 1st November 2017