SACT Guidance, Documents and Resources

SACT Guidance, Documents and Resources

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Guidance Documents

NCCP Systemic Anti-Cancer Model of Care

The NCCP Guidance on the use of Biosimilars in Cancer Treatment has been retired ( May 2024). Please see link to HSE Guidance for Biological and Biosimilar Medicines use in Acute Hospitals here

NCCP Guidance on the Provision of Parenteral SACT and Supportive Care in the Community

NCCP Guidance on bevacizumab Rapid Infusion Rate

NCCP Guidance on riTUXImab Rapid Infusion Rate

NCCP Oncology Medication Safety Review

Oral Anti-Cancer Medicines Model of Care (Rec 80)

Minimum Personnel for Day Wards (Rec 16)

Consent Form for SACT (National Template) (Rec 37)

Guidance on the Built Environment of a Haematology/ Oncology Day Ward (Rec 9)

NCCP Guidance on Intrathecal Chemotherapy

NCCP Guidance on Neurotoxins (including Vinca Alkaloids)

NCCP Guidance on Dose Banding for SACT

NCCP Guidance: Making Best Use of SACT Aseptic Compounding Capacity

NCCP Guidance Document for Off Site Transportation of Products from Hospital Pharmacy

NCCP Guidance: Pharmacy Benchtop preparation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used in the treatment of cancer

NCCP Guidance: Patient selection for the use of immunoglobulin replacement therapy in cancer patients with secondary immunodeficiency

NCCP-Guidance-on-Management--challenges-in-medical-oncology--haematology-day-units.pdf (size 679.1 KB)

NCCP Service Specification for Haemato-oncology Services

NCCP Guidance: Prevention and Management of Extravasation of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT)


NCCP Position Paper on the use of Tall Man Lettering

Template SOP for SACT Transportation


NCCP Olaparib Tablets Communication to Pharmacists

Testing to inform PARP inhibitor cancer treatment

NCCP Quality Assurance Resources for Hospital Pharmacy Cancer Services

NCCP Extravasation Classification of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy

NCCP Capacity Planning for Parenteral SACT (Pharmacy)

NCCP Hospital Pharmacy Cancer Services Workforce Planning Framework

NCCP SACT regimens

List of approved drugs for reimbursement

NCCP Guidance on the Retention and Disposal of SACT Prescriptions and Compounding Worksheets

Education and Training

NCCP Evidence Reviews

Patient Assessment Forms

Patient Assessment Forms