NCCP Oncology Medication Safety Review

The NCCP published its Oncology Medication Safety Review Report in January 2014. The report presented the findings from the NCCP Oncology Medication and Safety review which was conducted across the 26 hospitals in Ireland involved in the administration of systemic cancer therapy in adults and children. The aim of the review was to assess the oncology medication policies and practices in day units nationally, from a patient safety and quality perspective. The report made a total of 93 recommendations.

Since its publication, work has progressed on the implementation of the report, through local implementation in hospitals and through national groups to develop guidelines and policies. More information is provided in the links below.

Oncology Medication Safety Review

Implementation Status Reports

Guidance on Intrathecal Chemotherapy and Neurotoxic Drugs (Recommendation 71)

Oral Anti-Cancer Medicines Model of Care Recommendations (Recommendation 80) 

Minimum personnel for day wards (Recommendation 16)

Consent Form for Systemic Therapy - National template.pdf (size 43.3 KB) (Recommendation 37)

Guidance on the built environment of a haematology/oncology day ward (Recommendation 9)