NCCP Chemotherapy Regimens

The HSE National Cancer Control Programme develops Chemotherapy Regimens to support safe, evidence-based and cost-effective cancer treatment for all Irish cancer patients. These regimens are developed under the guidance of Medical Consultants involved in the treatment of patients with cancer with input from nursing staff, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Clinicians using these drug regimens to provide treatment for patients will be solely responsible for verifying the doses, providing the prescriptions and administering the medications described in the regimens, according to acceptable standards of care. Use of these regimens is the responsibility of the treating clinician and is subject to the HSE’s Website Disclaimer.

Treatment recommendations are based on a variety of information and factors, they should be guided by patient performance status, disease extent, rate of progression and potential sensitivity to treatment.  Each treatment regimen has advantages and disadvantages, and there may be more than one good option.  In addition, treatment choices can change over time as more evidence becomes available. 

The format and content of the regimens are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis. The date of last revision of each regimen is included at the end of the regimen and on the website. The list of regimens contained on the website is not comprehensive; additional regimens will be added to this site over time. Please email any comments or feedback on these regimens to

In addition, providers of systemic chemotherapy services may submit regimens for consideration for inclusion as NCCP approved regimens which will be available for national use on the NCCP website. The process for submission is available here.

Current regimens for a range of tumour groups are available - please choose from the following tumour groups:

A list of Oral Anti-Cancer Medicines and their associated regimens is available here

Dose banding is a system whereby doses of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) are calculated on an individualised basis and then rounded up or down to predetermined standard doses. The implementation of the national dose banding tables will ensure a standard approach to dose banding across all hospitals. This will ensure staff familiarity with the doses used irrespective of the hospital in which they are working.16 drugs have been initially identified as suitable for dose banding and there are 18 tables detailing the recommended dose bands for these drugs.

The NCCP is supporting the implementation of national dose banding as this will deliver benefits for patients and hospitals as well as achieve improved value from our SACT delivery services.

The NCCP has published the following documents: 

Dose Banding for Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy Guidance Document

Dose Banding for Systemic AntiCancer Implementation and FAQ Document

Dose Banding Table

The NCCP would like to acknowledge the benefit gained from the chemotherapy regimen models and templates utilised by international agencies such as BCCA and eviQ. View the list of clinicians and contributors who have worked in the NCCP team and supported the development and review of NCCP chemotherapy regimens and associated guidelines. 

Please email any comments or feedback to .


Last Updated 13/02/2018