Technology Review Committee

The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) Technology Review Committee was established in March 2011 and is responsible for reviewing proposals received from industry or expert groups in Ireland for funding of new cancer drugs, or expanded indications for existing cancer drugs or related predictive laboratory tests. The recommendations are based on the degree of clinical effectiveness, the acute and chronic toxicity and the cost effectiveness of the proposed technology.

Information on the NCCP Technology Review Committee is available by clicking on the attached document.

NCCP Technology Review Committee.pdf (size 81.2 KB)

Details of new drugs recommended for reimbursement by the NCCP Technology Review Committee to the HSE Drug Committee are available here.

 Minutes of TRC Meetings:

2018 January - December

Meeting 1: 7th March 2018

Meeting 2: 29th May 2018

Meeting 3: 3rd September 2018

Meeting 4: 25th September 2018

Meeting 5: 16th October 2018

Meeting 6: 20th November 2018

2019 January to December

Meeting 1: 26th March 2019

Meeting 2: 3rd September 2019

Meeting 3: 4th November 2019

2020 January to December

Meeting 1: 24th February 2020

Meeting 2: 6th July 2020

Meeting 3: 22nd September 2020

Meeting 4: 16th November 2020