NCCP Structure

NCCP National Executive Management Team

The purpose of the NCCP National Executive Management Team is to provide leadership and governance for the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP). It provides oversight for and allows for clinical and management input into priority setting, planning and implementation of the National Cancer Strategy and quality and safety.

The NCCP operates under the agreed HSE governance framework.

NCCP National Executive Management Team Minutes


  • Professor Risteárd Ó Laoide - National Director, NCCP
  • Ms Fiona Bonas - Assistant National Director, NCCP
  • Mr Pat Cafferty - Head of Planning, Performance, and Programme Management, NCCP
  • Ms Terry Hanan - National Clinical Lead for Cancer Nursing, NCCP 
  • Ms Patricia Heckmann - Assistant National Director & Chief Pharmacist, NCCP
  • Dr Triona McCarthy - Assistant National Director - Community Oncology / Primary Care / Prevention, NCCP
  • TBA - Head of Cancer Intelligence, NCCP
  • Professor Arnold Hill  - National Surgical Oncology Programme Clinical Advisor
  • Professor Maccon Keane  - National Medical Oncology Programme Clinical Advisor
  • Professor Clare Faul - National Radiation Oncology Programme Clinical Advisor
National Clinical Programme Leads

NCCP Clinical Programme Leads will update the NCCP National Executive Management Team on the progress of their programmes, at a minimum annually and more often if required.

  • Dr David Gallagher - National Clinical Programme Lead in Cancer Genetics
  • Dr Derville O Shea / Dr Eibhlin Conneally - National Clinical Lead in Haemato-oncology
  • Professor Maeve Lowery - National Clinical Programme Lead in Translational Cancer Medicine
  • Dr Helen Greally - National Clinical Programme Lead in Psycho-Oncology
  • Professor Owen Smith - National Clinical Programme Lead for Children and Adolescent/Young Adults (AYA) with cancer

NCCP Senior Management Team 

NCCP Senior Management Team Minutes 

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