Cancer Research

Nurses have a key role in the development of a culture of research in cancer control. As multidisciplinary team members they have a leading role in undertaking research which aims to enhance the care delivered to cancer patients.

Cancer research focuses on some of the following areas:

  • children with cancer
  • cancer survivorship
  • cancer and ageing
  • service and practice development within specialist care for adults with cancer

The NCCP are keen to build capacity in nursing to make a substantial contribution to leading cancer care research in Ireland.

The NCCP have held annual masterclasses on research and evidence based practice. The first of these was held in November 2019 for ANPs working in oncology, haemato-oncology, radiation oncology and paediatric oncology.

In May 2019 a call went live for a HRB/ICS/ONMSD/NCCP cancer nursing research award. The purpose of this grant is to support nurses to undertake clinical research in collaboration with their academic partners.