Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention Evidence 

The proportion of cancer incidence attributable to modifiable lifestyle and environmental factors is estimated to be between 30%-40%.The World Cancer Research Fund; Continuous Update Project (CUP) provides a summary of evidence on cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity.

NCCP Cancer Prevention 

The NCCP cancer prevention function, works in conjunction with Healthy Ireland and healthy living programmes, leading in relation to the development and implementation of policies and programmes focused on cancer prevention.  

The Irish Cancer Prevention Network

ICPN (Regular)

The Irish Cancer Prevention Network (ICPN) brings together collaborative working between organisations with the aim to reduce cancer risk for the people of Ireland. The network was established by the National Cancer Control Programme, Marie Keating Foundation,  Irish Cancer Society and Breakthrough Cancer Research.   The ICPN will bring those specifically working in cancer prevention together to: 

- align with Irelands National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026

- support national programmes with a unified voice

- collaborate on cancer prevention initiatives in Ireland

- agree consistent evidence based cancer prevention public awareness messages 

- disseminate up to date cancer prevention research

- support members and organisations in cancer prevention queries

- facilitate peer learning

If you are interested in linking with the ICPN, please contact the NCCP

 Skin Cancer Prevention

skin cancer prevention plan

The National Skin Cancer Prevention Plan arises from our National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026, and is aimed at tackling the most common type of cancer in Ireland. Aligning with the Healthy Ireland framework and the National Cancer Strategy, this plan sets out to enhance cross-sectoral collaboration to increase awareness and adoption of skin cancer preventative behaviours.