NCIS - About the National Cancer Information System

About the National Cancer Information System (NCIS)


The National Cancer Information System – (NCIS) is a single national computerised system that records and stores information relevant to a patient’s health care.

  • This information includes:       
  • Name and Address
  • Medical History
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Treatment Possibilities
  • Cancer Drug Treatment

The NCCP established a steering group to develop a framework for the procurement and implementation of a National Cancer Information System (NCIS) for the:

  • Optimal and safe delivery of systemic , anticancer treatment, (SACT)
  • E-prescribing and e-administration of cancer drug treatment, for the treatment of cancer in publicly funded hospitals.

Following an EU procurement process, the contract was awarded to Becton Dickinson (BD) Austria GmbH for a National Cancer Information System (NCIS).The National Cancer Information System was developed with BD and their partners in conjunction with the NCIS project team and the OoCio under the auspices of a dedicated multidisciplinary Steering committee.   

First Go Live of NCIS

2019 marked a significant point for the NCIS project with the first go live occurring in St Luke’s hospital Rathgar.

Galway University Hospital became the second site to go live with the NCIS system in November 2019 and were also the first site to perform SACT preparation and MDM documentation in NCIS

Mayo University Hospital went live in Oct 2020. 

Present Project Activity 

NCIS is now live in five sites nationwide

Recently the system has gone live in two major Dublin sites- St James Hospital and Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

Beaumont Hospital went live with the National Cancer Information System Monday 6th December.

St James hospital went live with National Cancer Information System Monday 13th December.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant achievement of this in light of the challenges 2021 and congratulate and thank all of those involved in achieving this.

The NCIS Project office in coordination with local hospital implementation teams continue to work, plan, configure and install the system into the remaining cancer care hospitals nationwide.


Additional Information 

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