Capacity Planning for Parenteral SACT

Capacity Planning for Parenteral Systemic Anticancer Therapy

The NCCP has developed a capacity planning toolkit for parenteral SACT compounding and dispensing in hospital pharmacy departments in line with recommendation 17 of the NCCP Oncology Medication and Safety Review Report recommendation(1). The tool has been developed to facilitate hospitals in assessing current demand and planning for future requirements. The tool may be used by hospitals that compound internally as well as hospitals that outsource some or all of their compounding requirements.

The facility for local adjustment within the tool means that the output of this tool will not be standardised.

The following documents support the use of the Excel based tool:

 The NCCP Parenteral SACT Capacity Planning Toolkit (Excel based) – this is available by emailing us at 



  1. Heckmann P, McCarthy T, Walsh O, Hanan T. NCCP Oncology Medication Safety Review Report. 2014.