GP Prostate Cancer Guideline

The NCCP are delighted to launch the updated NCCP prostate Cancer GP Referral Guidelines.  These guidelines are based on the latest evidence and aim to provide GPs with information on how to refer patients with suspected prostate cancer to one of the eight Rapid Access Prostate Cancer Clinics located in each of the eight cancer centres.  The NCCP worked closely with multidisciplinary prostate cancer teams and in conjunction with prostate cancer patients. 


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Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in men (excluding skin cancer). Over 3,300 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland each year. The cumulative life time risk (to age 75) of prostate cancer diagnosis is 13.34% and accounts for 11.0% of all invasive cancers in Ireland (NCRI, 2016). 

Dr Barry McGuire, Chair of Guideline Development Group,  Consultant Urologist, St. Vincent’s University Hospital advised that “The new guidelines should better assist the general practitioner in guiding patients on whether they should have a PSA test or not, and include new more detailed groupings that specifically address clinical concerns relevant to the patient’s age”.

Dr Eve O’Toole, Research & Guideline Programme Manager, NCCP stated that the “  This guideline integrates the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient preferences to allow informed shared decision making between the GP and the patient with regard to prostate assessment.”

Prostate launch

Left to Right: Dr Eve O’Toole, Research & Guideline Programme Manager, NCCP; Mr Tom Hope, Patient Representative, Men Against Cancer (MAC); Mr Barry McGuire, Chair of the Guideline Development Group, Consultant Urologist, St. Vincent’s University Hospital; Ms Eileen Nolan, Programme Manager, NCCP, Mr David Galvin, National Prostate Cancer Clinical Lead, Consultant Urologist, St. Vincent’s University Hospital & Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

 Last updated: 2nd February 2018