GP Melanoma Guideline & Pigmented Lesion Referral Form

Every year in Ireland, over 700 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed. There are 100 melanoma related deaths.  Over 60% of patients are female. It is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the 15-44 year age group. The cumulative risk of developing a melanoma before the age of 75 is 1 in 78 for males and 1 in 80 for females. A patient with a suspected melanoma may be referred to a Consultant Dermatologist or Consultant Plastic Surgeon for diagnosis.  All patients with a confirmed melanoma should be discussed at a melanoma or skin cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting (MDT).  The prognosis for melanoma is closely related to the thickness of the tumour. Primary care professionals should encourage all patients to be aware of skin changes, in order to minimize delay in presentation of symptoms. Lesions suspicious of melanoma should NOT be removed in primary care.

Important notice for GPs: A pigmented lesion referral should be sent to a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon in your area.

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