Cancer Survivorship and National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026


Cancer Strategy Image

The 2017 National Strategy for cancer care in Ireland will strategically direct cancer services over the next decade. The strategy supports the development of survivorship care to meet the needs of people living with and beyond cancer and recommends investment into cancer survivorship services to provide optimal care for cancer patients.  

These recommendations form the basis of this NCCP survivorship programme plan and there is a commitment to work with key stakeholders on the development and implementation of these strategic priorities.

The specific recommendations in the strategy are;

Recommendation 40: All hospitals will offer patients a Patient Treatment Summary and Care Plan as part of their support. These plans will allow patients to store information about their cancer, their cancer treatment and their follow-up care. The plans will also inform future healthcare providers.

Recommendation 41: The NCCP in conjunction with the ICGP, cancer centres, the Irish Cancer Society and cancer support centres, will conduct a Cancer Survivorship Needs Assessment to ascertain the most suitable model of survivorship healthcare. The Needs Assessment should be completed by end of 2018.

Recommendation 42: The NCCP, in conjunction with the cancer centres, will develop shared care protocols for patients with cancer following treatment. These protocols will span the hospital and primary care settings.

Recommendation 43: Designated cancer centres working with the NCCP, the ICGP, primary care services, patients and voluntary organisations will develop and implement survivorship programmes. These programmes will emphasise physical, psychological, and social factors that affect health and well-being, while being adaptable to patients with specific survivorship needs following their treatment.