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Irish Healthcare Awards

NDTP are pleased to announce the National Employment Record (NER) was the winner in the 'Best use of IT' category at the November 2016 Irish Healthcare Awards. The award recognises this innovative system which benefits both NCHDs and employers. NDTP would like to thank all those NCHDs who have opened NER Portal Accounts and Medical HR Departments Nationally for working with us to ensure the success of NER.


At the February 2017 CIPD Awards the National HR Division of HSE received a Special Recognition Award. Special mention was given to the development of the National Employee Record and the work of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and the HR People Strategy.


Consultant Module

NDTP have developed a Consultant Module on NDTP-DIME which following a successful pilot phase during August/September 2016 has now been rolled out nationally across all those employers of consultants within Acute, MHS and CHO areas. Training sessions for all relevant employers took place during October 2016 across the country including Galway, Limerick, Ardee, Dublin, Waterford and Mullingar.

The Module is very similar to the NCHD module and will allow employers assign consultants to posts. The post themselves will be created and managed by NDTP.  Of great benefit to those sites who employ consultants will be the reporting tool from which you can generate three different reports for your site. One report will give an overview of the numbers and specialties of consultants employed by the employer, the next will provide details of the posts and the occupancy of those posts and the third will provide details of consultants employed and their working hours.

If your site has not yet scheduled a training session and you are an employer of consultants in the Irish public health service please contact NDTP dime.team@hse.ie to arrange a training date.

Occupational Health

NDTP in conjunction with the HSE National Clinical Lead in Workplace Health and Wellbeing Dr. Lynda Sisson have developed an Occupational Health Module on DIME. The purpose of the module is to further facilitate the rotation of NCHDs by enhancing the NER Portal and moving the process from a paper based method to an online system. This change benefits the employer by using a flagging system on DIME to notify them that NCHDs are passed fit or not for employment by their OHD, eliminating the current requirement for employers to upload documentation. The scoping exercise took place between December 2016 and February 2017 between NDTP and a sub-group of staff  across administrative, nursing and physicians within Occupational Health. Following a number of  workshops with the System developer, Opensky the module was designed and developed.   

This new OHM replaces the Pre-Placement Health Assessment Transfer Questionnaire and NCHDs have the facility to upload the relevant Immunisation documentation from their NER portal account. If an NCHD occupies a post requiring EPP they must be EPP cleared by their OHD. Once cleared, the system will generate a EPP certificate.

Every new NCHD to the Irish system must initially complete a full Occupational Health assessment prior to commencing employment. This process remains in place.  

Training was provided to Occupational Health Physicians, Clinical Nurse and Administrative staff. The module went live in May 2017 in time for the July 2017 changeover.

Consultant Applications Portal (CAP) Module

NDTP have developed the Consultant Applications Portal (CAP) Module on DIME. Following a successful Pilot, it was rolled out nationally in June 2018. The purpose of the CAP Module is to expedite the process of consultant post approval and to allow visibility and transparency for stakeholders throughout the process. The Portal will facilitate users to complete, verify, submit and track consultant application forms from the initiation stage to approval online. The introduction of this Module has helped to minimize errors and improve traceability of forms as well as providing a centralised paperless system for all users to access. The CAP Module is used to apply for new posts, replacement posts and for the restructuring of existing posts.