Education and Training Developments, National Doctors Training and Planning Department


Consultant Module:

NDTP are continually developing the DIME system. The most recent module to be rolled out is the Consultant Module. Training to all employers of consultants working in the public health service a top priority for NDTP during Autumn 2016 so that by the end of the year an accurate account of all those consultants employed will be recorded on DIME. Further information is available on the NDTP-DIME tab.

Occupational Health Module:

The next body of work for NDTP, as we continue to build on DIME will be the design of an Occupational Health Department Module. In conjunction with the National Lead for Occupational Health and Well being, Lynda Sisson, a sub-group of representative including OH Clinicians, Nursing, Administrative Staff and NCHD representives we plan to commence this body of work late 2016/2017 so that the module will be operational by the July 2017 intake of NCHDs.  Working alongside the sub-group and playing a key role will be HSE ICT staff, the software developer Opensky and NDTP.

NER Module:

One of the recommendations of the ‘strategic review of medical training and career structures’ (MacCraith Report ) was to reduce the paperwork burden for NCHDs, associated with rotating between clinical placements and employers.  To address this issue HSE – National Doctors Training & Planning (NDTP) developed an on-line national employment record (NER).  NER will eliminate duplication of the majority of paperwork associated with rotating employers, such as Occupational Health, Garda Vetting, Hire Form, Training Certificates etc.

A demo of the system was provided to representatives of the Forum Training Sub-Committee.  The system went live on 11th June 2015 and was piloted with the July 2015 Interns.  Following the pilot success of the pilot, NER was rolled out Nationally during 2015/16 and is now fully operational.

NER demo pic

The Careers Day Fair

The Careers Day Fair was developed in 2013 and the photos below from the September 2014 Day show what a worthwhile and infomative event this has become with high demand for places from final year medical students and interns.

Careers Day 2016 was held in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on 10th of September. Such was its success that the 2017 Careers Day is already planned to take place in the Print Works at Dublin castle on 23rd of September 2017.

Short videos of Careers Day Fair 2016

Medical Careers Day - Courage

Medical Careers Day - Words

Medical Careers Day - Different

Medical Careers Day - Exposure

Minister Speakers CD16 Minister Eilis CD16 Speakers CD16 EMCD 16 Army CD 16 Anaes CD16

ICGP CD 16 Ophth CD16 Psych CD16

Rad Cd16 Careers Day 16 Sign CD16