Post-CSCST Fellowships Scheme

Post-CSCST Fellowships

Historically, Irish graduates travelled abroad to avail of specialist training offered through fellowship opportunities. The Irish health service to date has been hugely enhanced by the contribution of these doctors who, having trained in Ireland, then avail of fellowships or other specialist training in centres of excellence abroad prior to taking up permanent posts in our hospitals.  However, a number of these doctors, once abroad, have chosen not to return to the Irish health service.

Post-CSCST Fellowships within Ireland offer an alternative to trainees now that our own specialist clinical expertise and services have matured and developed. These Fellowships provide opportunities for those doctors who have completed specialist training in Ireland to access high-quality training in a specialised area of clinical care. They are designed for doctors who need to acquire additional training or experience which was not available on their Higher Specialist Training programme. The additional training provided exposes graduates of the Irish postgraduate training programmes to subspecialties and advanced clinical skills.

Aspire Post CSCST Fellowships

The HSE has partnered with the Postgraduate Training Bodies to identify, develop, recruit and oversee these month Post CSCST Fellowships. These opportunities will provide formal recognition of the Fellowships by the Postgraduate Training Bodies.

The process of identification of the Fellowships and subsequent recruitment will be managed through the Postgraduate Training Body with input from the HSE.

The Aspire initiative provides full Post CSCST funding for fellowships in collaboration with the Acute Hospital Division and the Mental Health Division.

7 Aspire Fellowships:

  • Upper Limb and Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • Integration of Fertility Care
  • Paediatric Neurodisability & Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery
  • Clinical Informatics in Emergency Medicine
  • Prehospital frailty
  • ENT Skills for Primary Care 

Covid-Era Post CSCST Fellowships

In March 2021, the Minister for Health announced a commitment to further grow the capacity of Post CSCST fellowships in Ireland with the establishment of 40 Post CSCST Fellowships from July 2021. In 2021 34 of these fellowship posts were filled across all the medical specialties.