Post-CSCST Fellowships Scheme

Post-CSCST Fellowships

The MacCraith Report (2013) recommends the continued development of Post-CSCST fellowship capacity in Ireland in order to retain specialist medical expertise in the public health system in advance of appointment to Consultant posts.

High-quality fellowships may help to address consultant recruitment and retention challenges, not only by providing the necessary clinical experience, but also by demonstrating the HSE's commitment to investing in and developing world-class training programmes. Such fellowships will also appeal to trainees who do not wish to, or are unable to, travel abroad for fellowship training. Offering a post-CSCST fellowship which allows the fellow to remain in Ireland is likely to be attractive to many high-quality candidates who otherwise may opt to defer or forego fellowship training.

Post-CSCST Fellowships within Ireland offer an alternative to trainees now that our own specialist clinical expertise and services have matured and developed. These Fellowships provide opportunities for those doctors who have completed specialist training in Ireland to access high-quality training in a specialised area of clinical care. They are designed for doctors who need to acquire additional training or experience which was not available on their Higher Specialist Training programme. The additional training provided exposes graduates of the Irish postgraduate training programmes to subspecialties and advanced clinical skills.

Aspire Post-CSCST Fellowship Programme

Aspire is an NDTP-funded world-class Post-CSCST Fellowship Program in Ireland.  The Postgraduate Training Bodies identify and recruits fellowships for its training community.

NDTP has partnered with the Postgraduate Training Bodies to establish a number of world-class Post CSCST Fellowships. The Aspire Fellowship is a 12-month program for doctors in receipt of a CSCST from an Irish Postgraduate Training Body. The program offers exceptional individuals high-quality training and exposure to speciality training and advanced clinical skills, in addition to an SpR salary for the duration of the fellowship. There are 40 world-class Aspire fellowships permanently established across the acute, primary care and mental health specialities.

Aspire Post-CSCST Fellowships offers:

  • A structured educational experience
  • A personal supervisor
  • Opportunities for audit and research
  • SpR salary for the duration of the fellowship

2025 Programme Information:

Fellowship commences: July 2025

Duration: 12 months

Eligibility: Applicants must hold a CSCST from an Irish Postgraduate Training Body and be within three years of completion of Higher Specialist Training in July 2025 or have entered the specialist division of the MCI register within two years.

Call for ProposalsThe Postgraduate Training Bodies have an open call for proposals until 31st May, 2024. Please contact the relevant Training Body for programme information and application forms.  

Recruitment: Aspire Fellowship positions commencing in July 2025 will be advertised on the relevant Training Bodies website and recruited for during October 2024.