Change Guide - COVID-19 Team Resources

Reflect, Recover, Renew – team reflection 

Organisation Development - Improving Change Capacity has developed a Team Reflection on Change to assist teams to acknowledge and make sense of the rapid and emergent change experienced in recent times supporting a just and resilient recovery.

The guidance assists teams to engage in a process to Reflect, Recover and Renew and consider the impact of COVID-19 on service delivery and practices. This is an important part of the organisational recovery process which will be different for each team/service. It is important therefore to apply the guidance as best meets local needs.

Reflect Recover and Renew is based on the approach set out in the Change Guide and is focused on understanding change in complex healthcare systems. To assist teams in self facilitating a process of reflection in a structured way, we have created a suite of resources which will enable teams to:

  • Take time with colleagues to pause and reflect
  • Consider the learning and make sense of your experiences
  • Identify what individual and team supports are needed
  • Plan for how services can be resumed or redesigned
  • Consider how new practices can be implemented
  • Build on new relationships to sustain improvements

These resources consist of the following:

1. Explainer video on the purpose of Reflect Recover Renew, outlining the tools teams can use to support them through the process. This explainer clip is aimed at team members who would like to facilitate a session with colleagues and it is also useful for any staff member. To view a larger format please copy the link and paste into your url browser.

2. A pre-prepared power point presentation for use when facilitating a team session. This has been designed with helpful presenter notes built in.

3. Template (6.5.1) Reflect Recover Renew – Making Sense of Rapid Emergent Change which is intended to support teams to consider what has changed, what we have learned from our COVID-19 experiences and what actions are needed. The template is further supported by the infographics listed below (Reflect Recover Renew Resources) which are aligned to the Health Services Change Guide. We would love to receive feedback on how you and your team used the resources so please connect with us via
twitter @HSEchange_guide or email us on

If you have any difficulties accessing these materials or further enquiries email

Reflect Recover Renew Resources

Reflect Recover Renew - COVID-19 Team Reflection (PDF, 1.71 MB, 2 pages)

Understand Personal Experiences (PDF, 998 KB, 1 page)

Support Behaviour Change (PDF, 994 KB, 1 page)

Practice Collective Leadership (PDF, 986 KB, 1 page)

Model Shared Values (PDF, 986 KB, 1 page)

Engage and Communicate (PDF, 997 KB, 1 page)

Invest in People and Teams (PDF, 989 KB, 1 page)

Network and Partner (PDF, 1 MB, 1 page)

Use Evidence and Lever Technology (PDF, 582 KB, 1 page)

Deliver Public Value and Be Accountable (PDF, 991 KB, 1 page)

Section 3: Define (PDF, 1 MB, 1 page)

Section 4: Design (PDF, 998 KB, 1 page)

Section 5: Deliver (PDF, 1 MB, 1 page)

Understanding Crisis Response Measures (PDF, size 872 KB, 4 pages)