Supporting the Service User


The HSE welcomes feedback from Service Users and it is a fundamental principle of the Your Service Your Say, the Management of Service User Feedback for Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy that supports are in place to facilitate this through all community healthcare and hospital services.

The HSE can reassure all Service Users that providing feedback will not negatively impact on future care or dealings with any HSE services. Feedback is a main contributor to learning and is therefore embraced by the organisation.

The HSE is committed to supporting Service Users throughout the feedback process. Service users are their own best advocate and the HSE endeavours to support this. However, for some Service Users it may be necessary to avail of independent advocacy or support services, these are also welcomed.

  • Service users are given whatever help and support they require to provide feedback.
  • A clear process is communicated to Service Users.
  • Service users are treated with dignity and respect, (see National Healthcare Charter - You and Your Health Service).
  • Service users are supported throughout the complaints management process.