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Q Fever/ Coxiella burnetti see Atypical Pneumonia


Test Name: Quantiferon
Laboratory: Microbiology Referred Test
Specimen Type: Quantiferon TB Gold Plus kit- available in the Microbiology laboratory
Specimen Container: Containers in the pack-Yellow, Green, Purple and Grey
Specimen Volume: Follow instructions provided with the kit
Specimen Requirements: Samples must reach the lab within 16hrs of collection and before 5 pm Monday -Friday. This service is currently only available for inpatients and occupational health. GP's need to contact Biomnis directly on 1800-252966 
Other details: Samples are referred for testing
Frequency of analysis/ assay: N/A
Turnaround Time: 2 weeks
Phone alert limits: N/A
Preanalytical stability at room temp: Maintain bloods at room temperature do not fridge


  • Test Name: Quinidine
  • Laboratory: Biochemistry Referred Test
  • Specimen Type: Serum
  • Specimen Container: Yellow
  • Specimen Volume: 4ml
  • Specimen Requirements:
  • Other details:
  • Frequency of analysis/ assay:
  • Turnaround Time: 3 weeks
  • Phone alert limits:
  • Preanalytical stability at room temp:


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