LACES Programme

Supports Near YouThis is a patient Education Workshop which has been jointly created by the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) and the Irish Cancer Society (ICS).  The intention, is to bridge the gap in services between the end of active treatment and potentially, suitable longer term support. 

The Life and Cancer – Enhancing Survivorship (LACES) workshop is for adult patients who have finished their active cancer treatment and are beginning their long-term follow up. This includes patients who are post-surgery, radiation therapy, the acute phase of their chemotherapy treatment and patients with advanced cancer, who have discontinued treatment or who are on ongoing treatment. The workshop allows patients to access appropriate information and signposting to improve their quality of life after cancer. The focus is on health and well-being, enhancing the use of community supports and survivorship programmes.  Delivering workshops using online platforms, commenced in June 2021.

Read more information on the LACES Programme (PDF)

Links to the LACES workshop modules below which are available on the Irish Cancer Society YouTube site. Ideally we encourage patients to attend the workshop so that they can get the value of signposting to other services.  Refer patients via 


Movement and Exercise Module

Mental Health and Wellbeing Module

Food and Drink Module

Finance, Work and Family Life

Confidence Body Image & Intimacy


Supports Near You