Education and Training: Cancer Services

The National Cancer Control Programme works with a number of professional groups, involved in the care of patients with cancer, to provide education and training.

You can contact us at or phone 01 8287100 with any queries or further information.


GP and Primary Care resources

The NCCP provides a number of resources for GPs and other health professionals working in primary care settings.  These are provided below:

 Education and training resources on cancer prevention

Resources to help with early detection of cancer

Primary Care resources including information on GP cancer guidelines and referrals

Pharmacist Resources

The NCCP has developed a National Competency Framework for Pharmacists Working in Cancer Care. The competency framework was developed in conjunction with colleagues from the Irish Institute of Pharmacy, the Irish Pharmacy Union, hospital oncology pharmacy and community pharmacy. It is hoped that this framework will inform the development and provision of training for pharmacists working in cancer care. In addition, it will improve the quality of care and improve outcomes for cancer patients by illustrating the behaviours, skills and knowledge pharmacists require for working in cancer care.

View the National Competency Framework for Pharmacists Working in Cancer Care

Updated 26/04/2023