HSE Learning Forms and Guidance

Service User feedback is a valuable source of information on how services are performing. Linking service user experience with learning and improvement is a vital way for our health services to encourage a culture of welcoming feedback and complaints and using these as a positive driver for service improvement and delivery as well as informing resource allocation.

In 2015, the Office of the Ombudsman, in their ‘Learning to Get Better’ report identified that there was often a difficulty in getting feedback on the outcome of complaints. He recommended that complaint outcomes, which lead to service improvements and changes in procedures, should be shared among both staff and public. A key focus within the revised Your Service You Say policy is learning from complaints and also ensuring procedures are implemented to assist in sharing this learning.

The following forms have been developed to assist in the capture and sharing of learning from complaints.

Information on how to use these forms is available in the Learning from Feedback Revised document.