Angular Cheilitis

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Comments from Expert Advisory Committee

This condition is most commonly seen in patients who have denture-relates stomatitis. It can also be associated with underlying systemic disease. It is usually associated with candida. In those without dentures it is more likely to be caused by infection with streptococci or staphylococci³.

Miconazole gel is effective against both candida and gram-positive cocci and is therefore appropriate to use for all patients. Where the condition is clearly fungal miconazole gel can be used and where it is bacterial in nature sodium fusidate cream or ointment can be used  (3,4).

Note that creams are normally used on wet surfaces whereas ointments are normally used on dry surfaces.


Treatment Dose TX Duration
Adults and Children
First line Miconazole* 20mg/g oral gel 40g tube Apply to angles of mouth twice daily Continue for 10 days after lesion has healed
Sodium Fusidate 2% cream / ointment 15g tube Apply to angles of mouth four times daily Maximum 10 days
Miconazole* 2% and Hydrocortisone 1% cream, 30g tube Apply to angles of mouth twice daily Maximum 7 days

*Do not prescribe for patients taking Statins³  Check for drug interactions before prescribing.

Patient Information

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Reviewed Dec 2019

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