Community Acquired Pneumonia Treatment in the Community (Adults)

Comments from the Expert Advisory Committee

  • Assess using the CRB-65 score (Confusion, Respiratory rate ≥ 30/min, BP ≤90/60, Age ≥ 65)
  • Start antibiotics immediately
  • Review if symptoms are not improving as expected with antibiotics and escalate therapy, or consider hospital referral.
  • At convalescence, ensure influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations up to date.

Treatment Table - Community Acquired Pneumonia

Assess using the CRB-65 score (each symptom or sign scores one point)

(Confusion, Respiratory rate ≥ 30/min, BP ≤ 90/60, Age ≥ 65)

CAP_Adult_table 040321_3

* Alternative doxycycline dose: 100mg every 12 hours. 
In non-severe infection, 200mg stat then 100mg every 24 hours can be considered.

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Reviewed February 2021