Acute Pyelonephritis

Comments from the Expert Advisory Committee

Send MSU for culture and sensitivity in all cases prior to the patient starting the antibiotic.

Consider acute pyelonephritis/ upper UTI when:

  • Pain in the loin which radiates to the iliac fossa and suprapubic area.
  • Sudden onset general systemic disturbance with fever, rigors, vomiting.
  • Tenderness and guarding over the kidney.

Consider referring to hospital if:

  • Patient is significantly dehydrated or unable to take oral fluids and medicines.
  • Child/ young person <16 with acute pyelonephritis.
  • Aged 16 years and over with acute pyelonephritis and have a severe systemic infection.
  • Patient is pregnant.
  • Patient has a higher risk of developing complications (e.g. people with known or suspected structural or functional abnormality of the genitourinary tract or underlying disease [such as diabetes or immunosuppression]).

Nitrofurantoin is NOT a suitable antibiotic choice in pyelonephritis.


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Patient Information

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Reviewed September 2021

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