Influenza in Pregnancy - Antibiotic Prescribing

Comment from expert advisory group

  • Full guidance on influenza treatment on this website
  • The patient should be referred to hospital for assessment if there is any respiratory compromise or suspicion of a bacterial super-infection
  • Pregnancy (including up to two weeks postpartum) is in the Defined Risk Groups for Antivirals – at high risk of complicated influenza
  • Antivirals are recommended for pregnant women due to the adverse clinical outcomes that have been observed for influenza in this group. Oseltamivir remains the first line option for the vast majority of pregnant women with influenza, including during seasons that are dominated by influenza A (H1N1)
  • HPSC influenza advice during pregnancy


Drug Dose Duration +/- Notes
1st choice options
Oseltamivir 75mg every 12 hours 5 days (10 days in

Patient Information

Safe Prescribing (visit the safe prescribing page)

Reviewed May 2022

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