Position Statements Dipstick Urinalysis for UTIs in Adults

Inappropriate use of dipstick urinalysis can lead to unnecessary antibiotic prescribing which does not benefit the patient and may cause considerable harm including adverse effects, drug interactions, and antimicrobial resistance.

The national position statements regarding ‘The use of dipstick urinalysis in assessing evidence of urinary tract infection in adults’ have been endorsed by the National Antimicrobial Stewardship Advisory Group. The statements were developed by the HSE-AMRIC team, in conjunction with community antimicrobial pharmacists, and widespread consultation and consensus amongst healthcare professionals across acute and community settings with clinical and infection expertise.

The statements are true of persons in the community, hospital and residential care facilities and are true of dipstick urinalysis conducted by manual or automated means.

Position Statements Dipstick Urinalysis for UTIs.pdf (size 585.8 KB)