Enabling Feedback


The HSE recognises that Service User feedback, including complaints, is a valuable source of information on how well services are doing and in identifying where quality initiatives may need to be implemented. 

A key objective of the revised policy is to ensure that there is long term learning across the hospital and community healthcare sectors from analysis of all Service User feedback.

The HSE aims to create an environment where Service Users feel comfortable and have the opportunity to provide feedback about services experienced and equally where staff feel comfortable about taking ownership of this process.

  • Feedback from Service Users is encouraged
  • Information is made widely available to Service Users explaining how to provide feedback.  There are multiple access and referral points which are actively promoted to Service Users and which are user friendly.
  • The feedback process is easy for all Service Users to use and the necessary supports provided to assist them within this process.
  • All healthcare providers have a complaints process overseen by a designated Complaint Manager.
  • Positive feedback i.e. compliments are also encouraged and recorded so that the service provider can capture good practice.
  • Staff are empowered to receive complaints and to view them in a positive way and as a means of improving relationships, learning and making positive changes which will contribute to safer, better healthcare services.