Emotional Wellbeing Resources for Post Primary School Teachers


MindOut is a Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programme for Senior Cycle students. It aims to enable students to achieve positive outcomes in school, work and life in general. The programme was revised in 2017 using up to date evidence and research along with feedback from teachers and students. MindOut is suitable for Transition Year or 5th year pupils and is designed to be implemented within a single 35-40 minute class period over 12 weeks, using interactive learning methods.

Irish manual available in 22/23

N.B. The Mindout programme materials are only available with training.

Teachers can attend either:

  • 1 day in person training to support the delivery of the Mindout programme. This is suitable for all teachers. Book Here.
  • 2 hour online training. This is only suitable for teachers experienced in teaching SPHE. Book Here.

Campaigns that promote mental health

HSE Mind Monsters is a mental health campaign for young people that focuses on relationships, body image, screen time, exams, stress and sleep.

HSE Little Things is a mental health campaign that focuses on little things we can do to protect our mental health and support the people we care about.  Posters are available for Staff Rooms.

Suicide Prevention Training

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention works with the HSE Regional Resource Officers for Suicide Prevention to provide training in ASSIT and SafeTalk for teachers.

Referral pathways for Mental Health Services

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) has set out a standard procedure for how children and young people are referred to CAMHS. For more information visit here.